Tuesday, June 28, 2011

back in action!

Hi Folks!

Well, after a whirlwind of events like graduation and a wedding, I am back in the swing of things at work here in OKC! The past week has been a week where I have caught up on work, and starting to finish the planning for Impact Your City.

For those of you who don't know, Impact Your City is a week long mission experience that we plan for the students of OKC. We focus on investing in our students and also showing them ways in which they can serve this city not just on a missions trip, but year round as well. We believe that if we want to have an impact on the world, it must start with where we are and that is by, encountering the people around us. The whole purpose of IYC is to help push back darkness in our city with the help of our students. During this week, we will be serving at four different locations. We will be working with refugees at the Spero Project, homeless people as well as kids at City Rescue and also inner city students on the NE side of town! We are so excited about the different opportunities that we will have to serve OKC. This is a huge event for us at Youth for Christ and we would love for you to partner with us in prayer that we will make a lasting impression on these students lives, but also, that life change will happen and that OKC will be introduced to the light of Christ.

God is doing amazing things here and I am so blessed to be apart of it! My prayer is that I will allow God to use me to make a difference in students life this next year. My prayer is that we will line our hearts to God and know what it means to love, to serve and to live a life full of JOY!

Thank you so much for your support with Youth for Christ. I am blessed by you and this ministry would not be possible without your help!!

much love,
Chelsie Bowman.

"When we seek to encounter the presence of Christ in young people, we'll find ourselves better able to see them, hear them, feel compassion for them, and respond in kindness."