Monday, November 7, 2011

His Love Empowers

Over the past few months, God has really been opening up doors of opportunity for me. Lately, I have been enjoying serving him, and seeing his results in my students and in the staff I work with. So lets start my talking about Campus Life!

I have been serving at Hefner Middle School for a while now. Coming into the fall semester, I did not have a campus life group. Since September, my group has grown so much. I have some of the most amazing girls and boys in my group. I have gotten to know them and they are so passionate about helping make a difference for their world. I love talking with them about ways they can just be an example to their friends, and how they can specifically make an impact for the ones they come in contact with. Currently, we are taking part in a ministry that helps feed hungry children all over the world. It is called One Meal, One Day. The students choose to skip one meal on November 9th, during this time, they will give their unspent cash that they would spend on a meal to compassion international.. Did you know, ONLY $156 will feed a child for a whole entire year? That is crazy to me. ONLY $156. wow. My students as well as my own heart as been moved to help make a global impact. My students are extremely passionate about raising money to help feed children. One Meal One Day allows us to become aware of the needs in this world. It allows us to have compassion that will lead to action. What we will do locally, will have a global impact for the Kingdom of God. I'm so proud of my students, and I am blessed to walk with them on this journey.

Another big thing that is happening in my life is starting a girls ministry here in OKC. It is called Treasured OKC. Basically, Treasured OKC is an organization that will help students see that they are loved, treasured and beautiful in the eyes of God. We will have stuff that girls can engage in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Daily, we will set up a twitter and facebook page where they can always find encouraging verses, quotes and just a place where they can ask questions. Weekly, we will set up a blog where we will discuss different things, as well as having fun and cute beauty tips for these girls. Monthly, we will be doing a girls night and every other month, we will have a night of worship. Finally yearly, we will have an all girls retreat where we will have a speaker, worship, and just a fun time of fellowship and learning to love ourselves the way God does. This is something that God has been guiding me through over the past month, and I am excited to connect our stories with the ONE who made us. When we live in the image of God, we will know and understand that God's love protects, his love defends, his love restores and his love empowers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your monthly support. Your gift is helping make a difference for the Kingdom. :)

Serving Together,
Chelsie B.

"You are fearfully and wonderfully made.. Your works are wonderful, I know that full well" Ps. 139:14

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